Philanthropist Idodo Abdul Drills Borehole For Ekwostor Community…. Watch Video

Philanthropist Idodo Abdul Drills Borehole For Ekwostor Community

It was often a herculean task for some parts in Ekwostor Community, to fetch water as some of the boreholes in the Community were about kilometers away and this often resulted in causing disputes amongst one another and became tired after fetching the water but a true son of the soil and a chartered Accountant, FCA ABDUL OLEGIE IDODO has put an end to the drought in some areas in the community as he singlehandedly completed a rushing water borehole for the community.

Today, they heave a sigh of relief as Idodo Abdul, a philanthropist has given the community a new mechanized borehole. Idodo is a household name in the entire Etsako and as such, Abdul Idodo wants to maintain the legacy in Ekwostor Community.

“I remember what it was like, going to look for water when I was a child growing up in this community. We walked under the hot weather; almost 40 degrees and it was not easy”, Abdul said adding; “So now if I have the chance to provide water, I have to help my community”, he added.

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