Oshiomhole No Do You Bad

By: Oseni Momodu-Embassy

I laugh in Japanese for Obaseki. One may wonder if he has advisers in his cabinet. Several of his policy summersaults are ultimately avoidable.

Yesterday, the ministry of information directed market women, traders, farmers, financial institutions to henceforth collect old Naira notes of N500 and N1000 denominations. The question is “when did Obaseki becomes CBN Governor to be issuing such prerogative order?”. When he hand such opportunities to do that before February 25th and add his voice in support of his colleagues- Governors Nasir El-rufai, Yaya Bello, Sawo-Olu and others, he betrayed them and truncated their efforts as if they were fighting for their selfish cause.

Unfortunately, Obaseki was the first casualty of the naira policy swap. He made history by loosing grip in his traditional PDP strongholds in Edo south (Benin) and Edo Central (Esanland) where APC came from behind to dislodge him and his party. How are the mighty fallen!

Whereas he planned to retire and mame our leader, the people’s Governor Adams Oshiomhole from politics, he (Obaseki) was humiliated instead. This is expressed in the Quranic verse which state thus: “Woma karu, womakaralah, wolahu khairu ma’krin”; translated as “they plan, but God is the best of planners”. Obaseki’s planned bumeraged against himself.

Except miracle played out for the remaining Polling Units where election is yet to be completed, no level for Obaseki and PDP in Edo state at the National Assembly.

While in APC, it was crises, he left. Thereafter, he moved to PDP and he was absolved, contested and won election for second term. Today, the party is almost going into oblivion in Edo State courtesy of his idiosyncracy. Again, he is hobnobbing with Labour Party LP asking electorate to ignore his PDP House of Assembly candidates and vote LP What a pity. One thing Edo people must know is that OBASEKI OWNS LABOUR PARTY AND ITS HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY CANDIDATES IN EDO STATE. Don’t let anyone deceive you. Obaseki why?

In the build up to February 25th general election, Obaseki, against common sense, against logic, against morality, against the will and wishes of Edo people wasted tax payers money for litigation at the supreme court to legitimize his kangaroo party primaries and opposed the use of this same old Naira notes in Edo state.

After his party loss Rep. and Senate election, he knew better. The Edo state Governor, Mr Obaseki and l say it, is the worst and most clueless Governor Edo has ever produced. May we not make such mistakes in our lifetime again.

Simply because Obaseki and his party, PDP lost the recent election in Edo state, the next strategic plan is to order use of old Naira. Someone should remind Obaseki he was elected Edo Governor not CBN Governor. Come March 18th, Edo people will decide the fate of Anthony Enahoro Complex in Benin. Edo under Oshiomhole’s APC is far better than now under Obaseki’s PDP. Let’s make Edo State great again.

~Oseni Momodu-Embassy is the Director of Media & Publicity for Anamero Campaign Council

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