“Obaseki, Asue Deploy Fake Civil Society to Attack Okpebholo Over Deepfake Video”, Says Campaign Organisation 


In a devious ploy to undermine the integrity of the electoral process, Governor Godwin Obaseki and his political protégé, Mr. Asue Ighodalo, have resorted to hiring roadside thugs disguised as civil society actors to harass the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Distinguished Senator Monday Okpebholo.


The Senator Monday Okpebholo Campaign Organisation said it has uncovered the clandestine operation of these unscrupulous individuals masquerading as a Civil Society group, lacking a known address in Abuja.


This group, purportedly named the “Network of Civil Society Organisations in Nigeria,” convened a sham press conference on Monday, calling for the arrest of Senator Okpebholo over a deepfake video in circulation.


Director of Media and Publicity of the Campaign Organisation, Mr. John Mayaki, expressed dismay at the degeneration of the polity where fake groups operating on behalf of the PDP candidate engage in such reprehensible acts without any genuine accountability.


Mayaki said, “Upon investigation, it was revealed that the alleged office address of the so-called civil society group at Banex Plaza was a fabrication, with the actual occupants being Dipas Raven Limited, a medical equipment repair shop.


“Further scrutiny revealed that the group had no credible online presence, raising suspicions about their authenticity and motives. This blatant attempt to discredit Senator Okpebholo through fabricated allegations reflects the desperation of Governor Obaseki and his camp to secure victory by any means necessary, including resorting to baseless accusations and blackmail.


“The Okpebholo Campaign Organisation remains steadfast in exposing such deceitful tactics and upholding the integrity of the electoral process”, Mayaki said.

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