MODEN: Committed to Youth empowerment and quality Education that meets international standards


The importance of Education and Youth empowerment in the developmental trajectory of a State cannot be overemphasized.


Recognizing that education is the bedrock of societal development, Senator Monday Okpebholo and Rt. Hon. Dennis Idahoss (MODEN)are committed to improving educational standards in Edo State. They envision a state where every child has access to quality education, irrespective of their background.


By investing in teacher training programs, infrastructure development, and curriculum enhancement, they aim to equip students with the necessary skills for a globally competitive world.


Additionally, they are dedicated to empowering the youth by providing vocational training, entrepreneurship opportunities, and mentorship programs, enabling them to become agents of change and contributors to society.



Comrade Ojo Evans

(APC New Media)

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