June 12: Adetutu Owolabi Felicitates With Nigerians On Democracy Day

Democracy, she said, will work better if there is constant and consistent effort at improvement, through the instrumentality of new laws, policies, and the introduction of technology.

The challenge before all of us today, as Edolites and Nigerians, is that June 12 must become a symbol of unity—of hope—of aspiration for a better tomorrow, one built upon true democratic ideals and practices.

The commemoration of the Democracy Day must be a reminder of the importance of joining hands to build the future all citizens desire, without recourse to fanning the embers of ethnicity, religious difference and other dividing fault lines, Adetutu noted.

She stressed that the most pronounced hallmark of the June 12, 1993 elections was the rejection of ethno-religious stereotypes. This, he said, made the process the most acceptable political process in the nation’s annals.

There are still gaps to be closed, and processes to be improved upon, but there is no doubt that the journey we started over two decades ago is fully on course and maturing.

God bless Nigerians!
God bless Edolites!!
God bless Akoko-Edo!!!

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