HOW NOT TO BE A KING….Engr Abu Abdulganiyu


When the Kingship of a Community is not by inheritance, it is often times than not open to abuses. All manner of charlatans lay claim to the exalted position. I am of the firm belief that Royalty should be by blood and if there’s no Royalty in your blood, you have no business aspiring to be King.

This brings to mind the stalemate in the Okpella Kingship tussle. Take a look at one of the Charlatans and criminal mind who bought his way into having his name submitted for the exalted stool of the Okpella Kingdom.

Let me for the records bring out a few salient points of one of the contenders for the revered stool of the Okuokpellagbe of Okpella, Akemokue Lukman.

Akemokue Lukman. This Charlatan and criminal entrepreneur, attended Afokpella Secondary School, Afokpella-Okpella, sat for his West African Examination Council (WAEC) Exams in Afokpella yet, did not know that he is from Edo State. He claimed Niger State in his academic records in Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, in order to fraudulently gain Admission using the educationally disadvantaged quota of Niger State Indigenes. He did not stop there. He criminally used the slot for Niger State to gain Shell Scholarship all through his University Education in Zaria. The records are there for all to see. Ask Lukman who Dr Chado of ABU, Zaria is.

Akemokue Lukman, upon his return from his sojourn in Dubai, where he ran away after defrauding a couple of unsuspecting Nigerians and others, was accommodated by a mutual friend along Awoyemi road for free. One day, Akemokue Lukman forgot to lock his room door and another of our mutual friends walked in on him on top of the Wife of our friend who accommodated him having sex with his Wife. Let him deny this so that our Ancestors can kill him like the DOG that he is.This is the character who wants to be the King of Okpella Kingdom. This criminal was impeached as Okpella Students Union President for criminally selling Cement Donated to the Union for the building of her Secretariat…….

His criminal records are numerous and in the public domain. Those who submitted his name out of ignorance should quickly retrace their steps. I learnt he bought Plastic Chairs for one of the Chiefs to endorse him.

Kingship is not Councillor, Council Chairman or House of Assembly. It will be to the shame of our People and a desecration of our revered throne to have such a criminal imbecile as King. Moreso, that his parentage is in doubt.

Let those who have hears listen, so that, the wrath of our Ancestors will not be on their heads.

I am

Engr Abu Abdulganiyu
I approve this message.

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