Etsako can Retain Edo-north Senatorial Seat

It is amazing that we are discussing this in a narrow way. I implore all of us to look at this from a broader perspective:

1) We should remember that Edo North(Afemai) is made up of Six LGA
– Etsako- East
– Etsako-Central
– Etsako-West
– Owan East
– Owan West
– Akoko-Edo
The three Etsakos’ are or ought to be closer to themselves than the two Owans and Akoko-Edo, as such we ought to work strategically to be able to produce the next Senator for this coming 2023 election.

In the light of the above, anything what so ever, that is capable of splitting Etsako in general should be jettison.

Note, from the past records, the position of Senator in Edo North has been rotational between Etsako, Owan and Akoko-Edo.
If an Etsako man has been there for the past 8 years running, other Afemai extraction(Owan and Akoko-Edo) might be warming up. Therefore, if we are interested in retaining it in Etsako, it will be logical for us to allow it to go into the hand of another Etsako man (either in Etsako Central or West) to be fully supported by the three Etsakos’ instead of playing politics of micro selfishness, which can easily make Etsako to loose the Senate position to either Owan or Akoko-Edo.

At this point, I want us to flash back to 2015 when it was clear that Prof. Julius Ihovbere from Owan was in the race to the Senate, but suddenly, the then Gov. Comrade Adams Aliu Oshiomhole encourage and empower us to make a U-turn for an Etsako extraction choice. This was what led to the emergence of Senator Francis Asekhamhe Alimikhena in 2015.

On this premise, I am of the opinion that we should go after Etsako Agenda by choosing and garvanizing our support for any other Etsako candidate outside Etsako-East, in order for us to easily get the support of Owan and Akoko-Edo.

In my view, there might be an uproar from the other LGA if just one LGA is projecting for a third term Senator.

2) The idea of looking for a Ranking Senator is a good one, knowingly fully well that Senator Alimikhena has perform excellently and he deserved a third term. But the question is how can we easily get it, base on the above points (1).

However, if actually, the Former Gov. Comrade Adams Aliu Oshiomhole is interested in the position, he is automatically a ranking personality in the senate already, by mere being a Former Governor.

Note, I am not interested on whom become the next Senator 2023.
My concern ultimately, is that Etsako should retain it come 2023.


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