Happy Birthday To My Twin Brother – Agbukor Lucky Apeakhuye


Today is a day set aside to celebrate my other side of the coin, a young talented gentleman and a reputable Engineer; Ikhanoba George Paulinus Ethaleye

There are those who believed we are twins, others said, he is my younger brother while others says, maybe we are just friends but our mothers said we were made twins immediately we walked on Earth

Slim White is not just an ordinary friend but he is a great friend from childhood. You know when they said, show me your friend and I will tell you who you are, Paulinus can be referred to my friend, flesh and blood with numberless times.

He was extraordinary talented, some believed maybe he has something that he is using in solving mathematics, when he had 59/60 in exam, Elect/Elect Engineering in our prestigious institution, Federal Polytechnic, Auchi. His records are with the department till date.

Countless number of times he had handled the position of secretary general in different organizations with wonderful histories.

Congratulations blood as you becomes a year older. Wishing you a blissful new age as you continue to soar higher. Age gracefully dear brother

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