Good Friday: Godwin Eshieshi Congratulate Christians All Over The World

Good Friday: Godwin Eshieshi Congratulate Christians All Over The World

The Etsako Federal constituency frontline aspirant under the umbrella of All Progressive Congress APC Hon. Godwin Eshieshi has congratulate Christians on the occasion of good Friday.

He said, lent is the central aspect of the Christian life, the most important period in the Christian calendar and definitely the high watermark in all the injunctions to the faithful. It is instructive that the Holy Bible teaches that it was after Jesus Christ had observed his fast for “40 days and 40 nights” that the devil came to tempt him.

“However, having been fortified by the period of self-denial and sacrifice, he was able to withstand the wiles of the Evil One and to establish for mankind the eternal message of salvation called Christianity.”

He also called on political leaders, Christians and non-Christians alike, to rededicate themselves to the commitment they have made to peaceful, non-violent campaigns and elections, and do their utmost best to ensure that their supporters uphold that commitment.

In line with the commitment, Eshieshi urged those seeking political office in elections to eschew hate speech, incitement to violence, divisiveness and the malicious denigration of opponents.

“I wish all my Christian brothers and sisters God’s abundant blessings all through this season and beyond. I pray that God, in his munificence, will answer our fervent prayer for a positive change in our land.”

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