Godwin Eshieshi’s Full Speech At The Official Declaration Of His Interest To Run For House Of Representatives, Etsako Federal Constituency At His Residence In Okpella, Etsako East LGA


Fellow Leaders of our Great Party APC, Ladies and Gentlemen.

May I humbly and respectfully seize this opportunity to formally declare my intention to run as an aspirant for the Federal House of Representatives under Estako Federal constituency in the forth coming elections. To put the records straight, I, Hon Godwin Eshieshi represent unity, humility, commitment to service, drive and development. I possess legislative background as a formal member of Edo State House of Assembly and a Principal Officer (Minority Whip) in 1992; as well as Executive experience as Local Government Chairman of Estako East Local Government Area between 1999 -2002 and Special Adviser to Edo State Government between 2005 -2007. It suffice to mention also that I am an Investor and an Industrialist.


I started serving my constituents in various government capacities from a young age. I vacated my last office as special adviser to Edo State government on Special Duties, Oil and Gas matters but my love for my people and the desire to sustain my humanitarian services to them even outside the purview of the government offices I occupied have continued to gather momentum.
It is imperative to have a brief review of my political history and a bit of my life outside the political positions I held, for the purpose of clarity.

As Legislator, Edo State House of Assembly.
1. Member, House Committee on Finance and Appropriation
2. Member, House Committee on Land and Survey.
3. I moved several motions on good governance and provision of developmental projects

The following are my achievements as Council Chairman.

A. Electricity Projects:
1. Electrification of 3 Ibie Communities (Itsukwi, Imiakebu and Imiegba)
2. Electrification of Ogute and Imiagbese Communities.
3. Installation of 200KVA transformers at Afokpella.
4. Provision of Igiode street lights
5. Installation of 100/415KVA transformers at Ewo/Afokpella junction, Okpella.
6. Ogiriga electrification project.
7. Reactivation and provision of street lights to Agenebode town, Agenebode.
8. Provision of street lights at Iddo, Awuyemi and Afokpella, Okpella.
9. Purchase of 2 transformers for Okugbe and Awuyemi, Okpella.
10. In 2015, I personally donated 100KVA transformers to Ogugu, Imiadetse, Awuyemi and other communities in Okpella.

B. Road Projects:
1. Grading of earth roads in the local government areas.
2. Construction of box culvert of Okobor street along Awuyemi road, Okpella.
3. Construction of double cell culvert Abala Okeke river, Imiakebu-Iddo road.
4. Construction of box culvert at Okpella-Imiadetse
5. Construction of culvert along Ogbona-Okpekpe Road.
6. Rehabilitation of 12km road at Imiegba-Apana.
7. Construction of Uchokekun bridge. Prior to the chairman’s intervention, Afokpella was completely disconnected from other parts of Okpella after the collapse of the bridge.

C. Health Projects:
1. Free malaria treatment program across the LGA.
2. Completion of primary health centre, Ivioghe.
3. Renovation of Okugbe maternity, Okpella
4. Completion of Agiere primary healthcare, Agiere.
5. Rehabilitation and provision of equipment at Afokpella health centre.
6. Renovation of Imiekuri health centres at Imiekuri, Okpella.
7. Completion of Iviabua Health centre, Iviabua.
8. Construction of drugstore, Agenebode.
9. Purchase and supply of medical facilities to Ivioghe, Iviukwe and Agiere health centres.
10. Construction of Iviukwe and Ogute health centres.

D. Education Projects:
1. Provision of the Nigerian Teachers Institute (NTI) in Okpella. It is worthy of mention here that this school was single-handedly brought to Okpella from Kaduna State by me, not when I was still in government but in 2018 when I was no longer holding any government position.
2. Grants to students of the Nigerian Law school
3. Construction of a block of four classroom and toilets at Ogugu camp, Okpella.
4. Reconstruction of two damaged classroom building at Eveva primary school, Okugbe, Okpella.
5. Reconstruction of primary school at Okpekpe, Ibie.
6. Renovation of Imiagbese/re-roofing of Iturogbe primary school.
7. Renovation of Imiegba primary school, Imiegba, Ibie.
8. Supply and distribution of 1000 units of benches/desks to all primary schools in the LGA.
9. Renovation of three(3) classroom blocks at Iddo1 primary school, Okpella.
10. Construction of a block of six classrooms at Imiekuri primary school, Okpella.
11. Provision of free exercise books and report cards.
12. Rehabilitation of computer centres for Ikpomaza, Okpella and St. Peter’s Grammar School at Agenebode respectively.
13. Rehabilitation of a block of classrooms at Ikpomaza Grammar School, Okpella.

E. Transport Projects:
1. Purchase of 5 Hiace buses for Etsako East LGA mass transit
2. Renovation of Agenebode motor parks.

F. Water Projects:
1. Construction of borehole at Ekwosor, Ekwosor.
2. Reactivation of Emokweme borehole.
3. Sinking of 150m deep borehole including extension of water at Igiode.
4. Provision of support for Okpella comprehensive water scheme.

G. Judicial Projects:
1. Establishment and provision of Okpella magistrate court building.
2. Rehabilitation of Agenebode High Court.
3. Renovation and furnishing of magistrate court and judge’s quarters at Agenebode and Okpella.

H. Market Development Projects:
1 Construction of additional market stores at Ewo market in Okpella and Agenebode central market.
2. Construction of new markets at Aki Uli, Okpekpe, Okogbo, Udioche, Awuyemi, Iddo cattle and Ikpomaza market.


As Special Adviser on special duties / oil and gas matters, I:
1. Facilitated the construction of Imiegieli/ Ogute road.
2. Served in the committee that produced a blue print for Development of oil and Gas producing Areas in Edo State.
3. Also served in the committee that produced the draft law for EDSOGPADEC (Edo State State Oil And Gas Producing Areas Development Commission).
4. Made a proposal to the government of Edo State for the building of primary and secondary schools which was accepted and implemented at Ajatitan and Kolokolo in riverine area of Ikpoba-okhai LGA, Edo State.


The legislative duties in the green chambers for which I am seeking your support is a familiar terrain which involves law making by processing of bills, building of synergy between the Executive and the Legislative arm of Government for the development of Estako Federal Constituency. It is with great honour and humility that I introduce my agendas for which my constituents can hold me responsible if I fail to execute the promises as detailed below:


1. Road Construction and Rehabilitation:
As already known from my political history given above, road construction and rehabilitation was given rapt attention during my tenure as the Executive Chairman, Estako East which the citizens will readily attest to. I made rehabilitation of rural roads a compulsory task for myself. As House of Representatives Member, I shall vigorously pursue and influence the construction and rehabilitation of roads across the three(3) Local Government Areas of Estako Federal Constituency.

2. Electricity:
Power supply to most part of Estako Federal constituency is still a mirage. Procurement and installation of new transformers to replace faulty ones will be my priority. I will work with Discos, NERC, and other relevant bodies to enhance power supply and eradicate the estimated billing system which has inflicted pain on our people, by encouraging provision of functional prepaid meters. Electricity will be extended to towns and villages that have remained in darkness for ages. This will further consolidate my achievements on electricity when I was a Council Chairman during which Ogute/ Imiagbese, Ogiriga communities and three Ibie communities (Imiegba ,Itsukwi and Imiakebu) were provided with electricity. In addition, solar power and street lighting will be given prompt attention.

3. Water Supply:
Most of our communities still lack portable water.
In Etsako Federal Constituency, Auchi, Fugar, Agenebode, Okpella and other areas are mostly affected. The experience I gained as Council Chairman during which water supply to Ekwotsor, Igiode and rehabilitation of other boreholes that includes that of Imiokpeme etc, were done; will guide me in the construction of medium/small water schemes, as gigantic water projects are no longer in vogue due to government’s inability to fund such projects. These, I hope to achieve In collaboration with my distinguished Senator to provide a permanent solution to this perennial water problem.

4. Environmental:
Environmental problems will not be left out. Erosion and other ecological degradation will be addressed vigorously through the Ecological Office and Federal Ministry of Environment.


Youths and women will be supported and trained in agricultural trades. The unemployment rate with respect to our Federal Constituency is very alarming. My drive will be to create avenues for self-employment in private sector and to also strive to secure jobs for our young graduates. My records at Etsako East Local Government speaks volume in this regard.
Artisans will equally not be left out as they will be keyed into the National Social Investment Programme(NSIP) of the Federal government where learning a trade is incentivised through the provision of soft loans or grants as start up capitals.

Education is the key to stopping the circle of poverty that pervade our communities today. My first step would be to support primary, secondary, vocational studies and entrepreneurship programs in Etsako Federal Constituency. The same support will be extended to the Federal Polytechnic, Auchi, after actualizing its university status as Auchi University of Technology, by facilitating adequate funding to enable it compete favourably with other similar institutions nationally and internationally when the bill for a law to upgrade the Polytechnic to a University of Technology has been passed by the National Assembly and eventually gets presidential assent.
With my past experiences and having attracted the Nigeria Teachers Institute(NTI), NCE programs to Okpella four(4) years ago, I have no doubt that with my election, I will be enabled and energized to attract other educational institutes to Etsako Federal constituency. We shall collaborate and synergize with federal government’s UBEC, UNESCO, Tetfund and other relevant agencies to improve facilities and enhance learning in schools. Education is the backbone and live-wire of technological advancement worldwide which has brought all round transformation in every nation of the world today, in the light of this, much of my attention will be given to the development and improvement of the educational sector of the constituency.

On security, my focus will include security of lives and property by synergizing with civil defence, the Nigeria Police Force, the DSS, the Military, Local Vigilante and Hunters groups to reverse the insecurity in our communities as our people can no longer sleep with their two eyes closed or attend to their farms. I shall also prioritize the pursuit of a bill for a law to establish Homeland Security Department.

Etsako Federal Constituency is endowed with several minerals which include feldspar, gypsum, granite, kaolin, limestone and gold. A bill for law being proposed for the establishment of Solid Mineral Area Development Commission currently at the National Assembly will be pursued vigorously by me and ensured that it is passed into law, in collaboration with the distinguished Senator representing Edo North Senatorial district.

Agric, this is one area we need to get it right. Etsako is blessed with fertile and arable lands and also with river Niger and river oile. A study will be conducted to find out from communities their areas of comparative advantage such as fishery, cassava, rice , palm produce and tomato farming. We will engage extension officers to supervise and also engage the services of International Institute of Agriculture, Ibadan; Horticultural Institute at Ibadan, National Institute For Oil Palm Research(NIFOR) and National Root Crop Research Institute (NRCRI), for high breed seedlings that will be provided to crop farmers. Fertilizers and Agric grants will also be procured and made available respectively, to support our farmers, and I shall strive also to introduce Songai farming. Also, the two cement giants in Etsako Federal Constituency are of great advantage to the development of Agriculture in the constituency as synergy with the companies to provide agricultural inputs and training to our farmers for increased production, will be encouraged.

The Maxim “health is wealth” will also be my guiding principle in the provision of health services. It is due to my adherence to this that I introduced free malaria treatment program for Etsako East citizens as Council Chairman for which I received national accolades and award from Nigeria Medical Council. My commitment led me to further construct Iviukue health centre, ivioghe health centre, rehabilitation of Afokpella, Okpekpe and Imiegba health centres. My main focus will be rehabilitation, construction and equipment of health centres to cater for the medical needs of our people. Most of our health centres today are dilapidated, efforts will be made for periodic medical team visitation for screening and treatment of our citizens. I will also galvanize support for the training of medical and nursing students at Uzairue University Medical College at Iyamo.


I shall introduce a bill for a law to establish a free trade zone in Etsako Federal Constituency.
With the presence of two cement giants in Etsako Federal Constituency, I shall collaborate/synergize with them to provide enabling environment for ancillary industries to thrive…

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