Godwin Eshieshi For HoR A Done Deal


Etsako East in general and its environs can attest to the fact that, Hon. Godwin Eshieshi has put smile on their faces before and now he’s ready to extend it to Etsako in general as the frontline APC aspirant to be emerged as House of Representatives, Etsako Federal constituency comes 2023.

He has been tested with two political positions and he has fantastically done well and the people has cried out for him this time to represent them general and redeem Etsako Federal constituency from bondage.

He attained the position of Etsako East Council chairman, he utilizes it for sustainable development, betterment, progress and Unity of those he is representing. He has ethics of good governance and Representation,
When he was Local Government Council Chairman he made Etsako East the highest generation of revenue.

Etsako Federal House of Representatives sons and daughters are proud of Hon. Godwin Eshieshi aspiring to represent them in the green chamber.

It’s time to imbibe in love in corroboration of making Etsako having the most palatable and better representation by sending Eshieshi to Abuja for repositioning.

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