Five Ways To Control Wall Geckos In Your Home 


Wall geckos are household reptiles that can be very dangerous. The presence of this reptile can make you uncomfortable because it is poisonous.


It might even scare you or your children. This is why it is important that you get rid of it as soon as you can. They can fall into your food or even pass out their excreta in your plates, spoons and cooked food.


This article will give you insights on things you should to get rid of them.


1. Use pesticides

Effective pesticides help to get rid of geckos. There are various pesticides that are effective enough to get rid of pests like wall gecko. Mothballs are an example of pesticides. They are balls of chemicals with a nice smell that can be placed anywhere, even in your cupboard, but can be harmful.


2. Use sticky traps

Sticky traps are gummy papers or cardboard that can be placed on walls, windows, or even on the floor to catch the geckos. This would not kill them immediately, but it gives you the opportunity to kill them yourself after being caught with the trap.


3. Fumigate your house seasonally

These reptiles are said to control bugs and insects in the home but since it makes you uncomfortable, you can kill two birds with a stone by properly fumigating your home. However, this requires you to stay away from the fumigated house for some days to avoid inhaling the odor. The odor can be poisonous.


4. Avoid things that could make your home comfortable for them

Block necessary holes and figure out their hiding places. The fact is that they have hidden places in your home. As soon as you find out, clear and fumigate places you perceive them to live in.


5. Try out home remedies

A lot of research has been carried out on home remedies to get rid of wall geckos.


i. Broken egg shell remedy: It is said that wall geckos believe eggs shells are predators so it is advisable that you break an egg shell into two and place them in strategic places.


ii. Garlic and salt remedy: Research has it that blending garlic together with salt helps to get rid of these household pests. Spread this mixture on areas you see these reptiles. The smell will get rid of the wall geckos.

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