Etsako Federal Constituency: Hon Godwin Eshieshi will provide good leadership


Finding good people in this dispensation of human government is not far from forcing a camel through the eye of a needle, due to this fact, we must never let go a man of your kind who displayed matchless degree of financial probity, accountability, transparency and commitment to great humanitarian services during your reign in various political offices of Edo State in time past.

You epitomise good leadership and good representation as evidenced by your visibly unfading integrity and how you discharged your social responsibilities to the masses while in various seats of power in Edo State some years ago. None but those born “last night” may still be in the oblivion of your good deeds in your time of reign years ago because, your legacies still subsist long after you passed the baton to the ones after you. You are an integrious and industrious man who does not take delight in blowing his own trumpet, that accounts for why only a handful of persons in Etsako “may” fail to admit that you did a bulk of the projects in Etsako East Local Govt Area of Edo State.

For the avoidance of doubt and for the benefit of those who were not privy to these facts, we will attempt to pinpoint/enumerate some of the projects among others, that your administration as Etsako East local Govt chairman initiated and completed, they include:
1. The establishment of skill acquisition centres for Etsako East women in 2001. This was to empower women to become useful to their families and the society at large.
2. The rehabilitation of streets and village access roads yearly, He influenced the construction of Imiegele- Ogute road not forgetting Ojirami- Uneme road. All the ten wards in Etsako East were covered in his rural road rehabilitation scheme. And a proof of his financial probity came to bare during the implementation of these road projects as the devoted funds were judiciously utilized and accounted for. These projects were never “audio projects”, they still exist and noticeable to he that itch for a glimpse.
3. The electrification of numerous communities in Etsako East was also one of the the major projects embarked upon by the then council Chairman, Hon Godwin Eshieshi. Eshieshi was and still a household name in the matters of rural electrification. Example, the Ogiriga electrification project, Okpella. Installation of 200kva transformers at Afokpella, Okpella. Purchase and installation of two(2) transformers for Okugbe and Awuyemi, Okpella. Reactivation and provision of street light to Agenebode town, Agenebode. Provision of 50 No’s of meters for Okpekpe electricity project, Okpekpe. Extension of electricity to Ibie |||.
4. The construction of drugstore for Bode primary healthcare centre, Agenebode; construction of primary healthcare centre, Iviogbe and provision of medical facilities for the centre; renovation of primary school at Okpekpe; construction of open market stalls in Weppa.
5. The purchase of five(5) Toyota hiace buses for Etsako East mass transit.
6. The renovation of Imiegba primary school, Imiegba.
7. The reconstruction of the dilapidated primary school buildings in Eveva primary school, Okugbe, Okpella.
8. The bursary and scholarship awards to students in diverse fields of study you singlehandedly initiated is still fresh in our minds.
We can not say it all, so we mentioned but just a few. Your strides towards all round development was simply second to none and highly commendable.
Here, we can not enumerate the totality of the projects undertaken by you, Hon. Eshieshi, during your tenure as the local Govt chairman due to their overwhelming plentitude, so we will call you “Mr Project” in a nutshell.
One other fascinating aspect of you in regards to your projects was the fact that you saw it as verboten for an abandoned project to be tagged to you, you made it a point of duty to see all your projects to the crown and that is so heartwarming.

Also worthy of mention is the inalienable fact that all the projects you executed including the ones herein unmentioned, point to the undying love and compassion you had for the masses you represented not for the praises that goes with it. This goes far to show that you can go any length to ameliorate the sufferings of the people you are representing at all times, under any circumstance.

You believe in politics that brings solutions to human problems and that accounts for why you have never turned a deaf ear to the yearnings of your people till date; even outside the sphere of your political life, you have continued to lend a hand of positive change to the people around you.
We need not say also, that your clear love for the people and the people’s trust in your leadership paved the way for your ascension onto the legislative seat of Edo House Of Assembly in 1992. It was not by accident that you became a special adviser on special duties, oil and gas to the Edo State govt between 2005 and 2007 but the Lambency of your good work as a Local Govt chairman between 1999 and 2002. These golden qualities enshrined your name in our good book of record.

You embellished your good leadership style with your naturally endowed heart of generosity that warranted the commendation you got from all and sundry in the entire Afemai land during your reign and it is needless to say that having you in higher positions of representation is the greatest aspiration of Afemai clan at this point in time.
Your good deeds to the good people of Etsako East has remained indelible in our hearts, hence we await your onward public declaration of interest in any political position especially at the federal level, so we can throw our full weights behind you as proof of the confidence we repose in you.
You ultimately won the entirety of our trust and love, as if we had not loved you enough, in the manner in which you have comported yourself in your dealings with your superiors, friends and associates for a very long time till now. You proved to be a man of stout humility, focus and loyalty in the way you have stood firmly and doggedly with the former Governor, former APC National Chairman, Comrade Adams Oshiomole and the Minister of State for Budget and Planning, Clem Ikanade Agba ( The Oduma of Archiver Sacred Kingdom), among whom you are a pioneer member of APC in Etsako especially in Etsako East. You stood with them till date, that was what marked your presence with them at the recent event of conferment of the above title on Prince Clem Agba at the Palace of Otaru of Auchi, Auchi Kingdom. That august occasion was graced by the Nigeria’s Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, and you were seen shaking hands and exchanging warm pleasantries with him. This is indeed a confirmation of the aphorism that a child that washes his hand clean, dines with the kings.

These are obviously the reasons why we say you are “good leadership” personified.

You did it before, we believe you will do it again so be assured of our undiluted support always.

Blessed is Afemai land that received a good seed on the day of your birth, Hon. Godwin Eshieshi.


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