Etsako Federal Constituency: Godwin Eshieshi Best Man For The Job

Etsako Federal Constituency: Godwin Eshieshi Best Man For The Job

“As a leader and Chieftain of the All Progressive Congress, Hon Godwin Eshieshi has continued to play significant roles in the growth and development of the Edo as a political bridge-builder,”

As 2023 general election draws nearer, it is pertinent at this critical stage of the electioneering period to kindly remind the good people of Etsako Federal Constituency of the need to settle for the right decision devoid of primordial sentiments because choices made today will determine the outcome of tomorrow which looks bleak.

Hon Eshieshi has consistently through the years Fought for the overall interest of his people. So now is the time to queue Behind him Who is poised to deliver responsive, purposeful and articulate representation- ready to be People’s messager.

It doesn’t end there, Hon Godwin Eshiesh has proven capabilities, well grounded, widely accepted and popular amongst Etsako Federal constituency should be given the mandate to represent his people at the green chamber so as to rekindle our dashed hope.

Sincerely, there is need to support a man who is most credible, unaguably the best Product with the requisite character, personality and focus to rescue the good people of Etsako.

Besides, the need for better Representative requires taking decisive decision that will yield the expected Results within the shortest possible time.

Etsako, especially Etsako East have been yearning for a vote to liberate them from the Present miasma and Political quagmire brought to them by the drawing party.


Edo-north APC media Team


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