Etsako East APC Greets Sunny Ekpetika On His Birthday

Etsako East APC Greets Sunny Ekpetika On His Birthday


Etsako East APC Chairman Hon. Peter BU Okponokhe and his executives has sends congratulatory message to APC chieftain Mr Sunny Ekpetika on the occasion of his birthday celebration.

The chairman, describes Sunny as a quintessential gentleman whose mutual understanding has transverse across the nations.

He said, the party extolled Sunny Ekpetika of his uncommon resilient leadership and people-oriented governance of discharging his duty in all ramifications at all times.

He eulogized the Ambassador of Weppa Wanno youth worldwide of his total submission and humbleness to always identify with his people. He is known as unbiased equity who is always at the verge of speaking the truth.

Upon being a community outstanding and youth mobilizer, who has nurtured many matured mind, he has never uttered a deceitful statement, Etsako East APC publicity secretary Hon. Abdulrasak Idodo Emmanuel noted.

He has garnered an extraordinary experience in Nigeria politics who had lender selfless services in several occasions.

Congratulations on your new age sir.

Etsako East APC Publicity Secretary

Hon. Abdulrasak Idodo Emmanuel Ikpemoghena Ekwotsor

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