Etsako East APC Congratulate Adams Oshiomhole On His Birthday, Describes Him A Man Of Many Parts

Etsako East APC Greet Adams Oshiomhole On His Birthday, Describes Him A Man Of Many Parts

In celebration of the political demagogue of Edo State Comrade Adams Aliu Oshiomhole the Atakobi of Etsako East, the Omokpanabevwo of Auchi sacred kingdom whose generosity has changed many lives; Etsako East APC showers encomiums.

Every year, on the 4th of April, the people of Etsako East, Edo State and Nigeria at large are joined by other admirers across the globe to celebrate the birth – and life deeds – of the “Political demagogue”, Comrade Adams Aliu Oshiomhole. He is a man of many firsts and the legends of his heroics will make for dozens of journalistic features and academic exertions.

In every inch of Edo State, across all the districts and clans, Oshiomhole is known for his unprecedented philanthropy, kindness, and total devotion to the eradication of poverty and inequalities. For many years he has nourished children and opened the doors of education to them, thus ending a vicious cycle and ensuring that families previously without hope were able to climb the social ladder.

Widows have benefited from empowerment schemes, breadwinners offered a new lease of life, and youths supported to fully apply their talents and energy in dream sectors.

“There are many anecdotes to recount in illustrating the courage, conscientiousness, munificence, and patriotism of Oshiomhole. One that resonates today, in light of certain happenings, is the rare honour he received years back when he renovates all the secondary schools in Edo State and was nicknamed the RED ROOFMAN. We are proud of you always.

May your new age be blessed forever, Amen.

Comr Idodo Abdulrasak Emmanuel Ikpemoghena

Etsako East APC Publicity Secretary.






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