Etsako 2023: Danco, the unsung Hero

“Danco, the unsung Hero”

When in 2019, Bar Sunday Dekeri Anamelo took a dive, head first, into the very mukky waters of politics, i was one of those who asked, albeit, rhetorically, what does he want, he has it all. He can afford anything money can buy. I was in the People’s Democratic Party then while he was and still is in the All Progressives Congress, APC.

He contested for the Senate and was coasting home to victory before he unceremoniously withdrew from the race because according to my unreliable source, the President prevailed on the Party to allow the incumbents return for another term because of the Saraki Challenge. Saraki was then the renegade Senate President, who against his Party decision railroaded himself into the Senate Presidency and moved to the opposition PDP with some Senators.

As a Party man, Danco, as he is popularly called took it in his stride without malice. This endeared him to many across political divides.

The energy he put into that contest is exactly the same energy he puts into anything he does, beginning with his days as Cashew Nuts and Cocoa Seller. The man holds the enviable record of turning sand into Gold.

With share courage, determination and foresight, he turned Cashew and Cocoa into Oil with his Danco Petroleum Limited. He was not done until he built his own Oil Tank Farm in Lagos and became a major distributor of Petroleum Products Nationwide. This birthed Gulf Treasures Limited, an oil Servicing multinational Conglomerate.

This is the enigma who aspires to Represent the good People of Etsako Federal Constituency at the National Assembly.

Danco will turn this position to Gold for the betterment of the long suffering People of Etsako.

When i took the liberty to interrogate his reason for joining the House of Representatives race, which ordinarily, i considered beneath his status as a shrewd businessman, he laughed and said, Digital, if good men refuse to get involved, bad People will continue to feed fat on our common patrimony. “I believe i can bring my wealth of experience from the private sector and replicate my success story in the public sector”. Continuing, he said, there is only so much i can do as an individual and when i see People suffering, it breaks my heart. I believe i can help a greater number of People by getting involved.

This is the man asking for your votes, our unsung Hero. The man who has taken Hundreds of Thousand out of the unemployment market. The man, who, out of his personal pockets have touched so many lives including yours sincerely.

Don’t waste your votes on any other Candidate for House of Representatives, Etsako Federal Constituency. Danco is your man. He is not your everyday Politician.

Engr Abu Abdulganiyu
I approve this message.

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