Eid–El Maulud: Adetutu Owolabi Felicitates Muslims

One of the APC chieftains and foremost philanthropist in Akoko Edo, Edo State, Lady Dr Adetutu Owolabi felicitates Muslims on Eid- El Maulud. The celebration of one’s birth, no doubt, is always a momentum moment for those around or those within the umbrella of oneness and unity in faith and fate. Thus, the birth of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) remains an honour in the Islamic fold, in Nigeria and all over the world. The Prophet’s birth as being celebrated today, resonates hope within and amongst Muslims brothers and sisters.

Consequently, celebrations; especially of this magnitude are meant for reassurance of beliefs, hopes and ardent adherence to religious practices. A man becomes more fervent in religious doings, when certain religious rites and celebrations are engaged in. They serve as reminders to religious practitioners.

“It’s my believe that the celebration of the birth of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) today, won’t just be a mere gyration or the usual euphoria, but an avenue to foster unity and peace in Akoko Edo, Edo State and Nigeria in general.” Adetutu stated.

In a related development, the APC chieftain, Lady Dr Adetutu Owolabi stressed that no nation grows in the atmosphere of rancour and bitterness. She further urged all Muslim brothers and sisters to use this occasion to foster peace, unity, oneness, togetherness and all round progress of Nigeria. “It’s only when these virtues are embraced by all, that we can talk about sound economic policies, good governance and all round developments.” Adetutu said.

“I congratulate our Muslim brothers and sisters on the celebration of the birth of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). I rejoice and I celebrate with you all. Congratulations!” Adetutu concluded.

Lady Dr. Adetutu Owolabi

—Media Team

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