You will not argue if I told you that Rt. Hon. Dennis ldahosa is one deeply committed young man with the knowledge of what his people in Edo State suffer. He is that one man that knows exactly what to do to ameliorate the sufferings of his people from women to children and from youth to the elderly.


He is a believer in grassroot engagement and connection with his people even in the most remote communities. His is a visionary oriented individual committed to making life much easier for the people of Edo State. He is overly committed to making power outage a thing of the past in Edo state. He has the technical knowledge and strategy to bring flooding in Edo state to a halt forever. He is that one young man full of energy to comb all corners of the 192 wards in Edo state to deliver the needs that are peculiarly in deficit to the people.


Rt. Hon. Dennis ldahosa is no doubt, the best candidate amongst the rest. He has character, competence and capacity to deliver good and reliable governance to the people of Edo state come 2024.


It’s time for every Edolites to take their destiny in their hands. It’s time to kick those irresponsible people out of the system. It’s time to stop the mortgaging of your future and that of your children. It’s time to refuse to be deceived by those greedy politicians who have nothing but abject poverty to offer.


It’s time to install new leadership that has the people’s welfare at heart. It’s time to bring in young, vibrant and energetic gentleman like Rt. Hon. Dennis ldahosa. It’s time for a new era in the leadership of Edo State come 2024.


It’s time to Support, nominate & vote Rt. Hon. Dennis ldahosa as the next governor of Edo State come 2024.



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