Edo-north 2023 Senatorial Bid: Comr. ADAMS OSHIOMHOLE Will save Edo-north from the impending doom.

As the jostle for 2023 national elections gain increasing momentum, there are political speculations and forecast by political analyst and tacticians alike as to who vie for one political position or the other, Of most significance is the Edo North Senatorial Seat presently occupied by Sen. Francis Alimikhena of the APC. Interestingly enough, it is being highly rumoured that Comrade Adams Oshiomhole who is yet to publicly declared his intention may answer the calling by the party contest for  the seat of Edo North Edo-north senatorial seat .

This development is attracting ugly comments from individuals suspected to be paid agents of the incumbent Senator. Deductive inference-wise, comments from the likes Sheikh Murktar , Ahmed Musa, Lucky James, Mike Awenegiemhe who double as the LGA Secretary , among others justifying the so-called 3rd term Agenda for the incumbent Senator , Such arguments that Comrade Oshiomhole as a first timer against the continuity of Alimikhena as a third timer being of greater advantage, opportunity of the incumbent to a higher ranking position at the Senate.

The incumbent haven delivered dividends of democracy than his predecessors, that Oshiomhole as an Ex-national Chairman should aspire for the office of the President rather than Senator. The exchange of an Etsako Candidate for another Etsako in the eyes of the Akokoedo and the Owans axis respectively portends danger and not empirically justifiable as well as lack merit entirely.

On the argument that Comrade Oshiomhole as a first timer would be of disadvantage to Edo north is not only unacceptable but laughable. Given his antecedents and credentials Oshiomhole intimidating qualities and Charisma makes him an outstanding personality that attract acceptance and adoration from all assundary; that underscores his preponderance over the present incumbent.

Also the argument of the incumbent being of greater advantage for higher positions in the Senate than Oshiomhole as a first timer lack merit. It is worthy of note and common knowledge that, Rt Hon Ken .Nammaniand Ayim Pius Ayim were all first timer. Besides, Alimikhena became a principal officer as a first timer(Deputy Chief Whip), even Sen, Albert Ilegogie of blessed memory was made Deputy Senate president as first timer.
Upon the arguments of Senator Alimikhena delivering dividends than his Predecessors I make bold to posit that Oshiomhole tracks record of dividends to the entire Edo state far outclass Alimikhena dividends which Comrade preponderance of having the political will to deliver over Sen. Alimikhena.

Further more, the position of an outstanding President of NLC, Governor and National Chairman of the ruling party having to condescending to vie for Senate at this point in time is most illogical. Protagonist of this argument should be well informed that Golda Mier haven served as a Prime Minister of Isreal returned back to the Knesseth (Parliament), Theresa May, after resigning as Prime Minister is still serving in the house of common as a paliamentarian.

What is important is the strength of character and the political clout of the individual in question. More the propagators of Senator. Alimikhena being the preferred choice over Oshiomhole are not just making a grievous mistake but an unmitigated blunder, I stand to be corrected that Sen. Alimikhena is universally unassailable in present circumstances weighing all odds against the Party A.P.C in the State and particularly in the senatorial district comprising of Etsakos, Owans and Akokoedo respectively.

Other sch of thought share the opinion that Comrade Oshiomhole should suspend his Senatorial wish for a higher positions such as Chief of staff to the President. This is tantamount to buying a pig in poke, since it has not been. As being widely speculated Tinubu successfully securing the ticket and win the election to be President, Oshiomhole entry into Senate does not in anyway foreclose his aspirations and occupation of a higher political offices. The hindsight of Ex-Vice President Alh Atiku Abubakar who having emerged as Gov, of Adamawa was called upon to run the office of the Vice President to President Olusegun Obasanjo buttress this argument. Hasn’t it worrisome that Edo North Senatorial district is in opposition to a PDP dominated Edo Central and South Senatorial districts. There’s therefore a great danger for the APC if the right and suitable candidate is not presented to the electorates.

There’s no gainsaying the fact in terms of acceptance, Character, Tact, Courage, doggedness, diplomacy,, political will, political sagacity and delivery. Comrade Oshiomhole towers high above his contemporaries, let alone Sen. Alimikhena. This is not an occasion for the APC to toil with the Chance of retaining the Senatorial seat. All the past previous elections of SENATE contested of late, we all know what we all went through to secure victory, now that the new electoral law of 2022 has been signed into law, we cannot afford to take any chances. Oshiomhole is the main political denominator and Joker of Edo politics let alone Edo north.

Edo-north APC media team

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