Edo 2024: Whom The Cap Fits! A Call For Anamero’s Candidacy (5th Edition)

Edo 2024: Whom The Cap Fits! A Call For ANAMERO’s CANDIDACY (5th Edition)

Monday August 21st 2023.

By Comr. Embassy Momodu

With DANCO’S planned Distribution of 500,000 Exercise Books across Edo State schools valued at over 75 million naira in cash value and Bursary to Uniben students, DANCO has yet again planted his name in the hearts of men. In honoring academic excellence, last week, DANCO hosted Yusuf Aminat in Abuja in recognition of her academic performance as overall best graduating Student in the Lagos state University.

It would be recalled that Miss Aminat graduated with a CGPA of 5.0, a feat never attained by previous graduands before her and which has left academic doyens and  non alike in awe. As undergraduate of law from Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma on the one hand and alumni of the Lagos state university, l stand a better pedestal in understanding the challenges faced by students in the course of their studies in schools. The academic environment not usually friendly due to poor funding. Lecturers not fully encouraged by government with incessant but avoidable strikes with ASUU palava, unaffordable tuition fees by indigent students and host of others. Despite these, Aminat Yusuf still came out in fly colors through the rigorous academic furnace. Kudos to Aminat. Kudos to her parents who nurtured her. Kudos to the lecturers who tutored her.

From one government house to the other, Aminat Yusuf has distinguished herself courtesy of her academic excellence. But l have my subtle reservations. Aminat deserves more accolades beyond the screens not from Governors, legislator alone but other private institutions, individuals and stakeholders. The last known invitation of Aminat was to the National Assembly, Abuja where DANCO invited her and parent for reception.

I therefore passionately appeal to DANCO, Adams Oshiomhole and Hon. Minister Engr. Abubakar Momoh to press button so that our daughter, Aminat Yusuf could be received in audience by the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Bola Tinubu in Aso villa, Speaker Tajudeen Abass and Senate President, God’sWiill AKPABIO.

This will encourage the girl child to be more dedicated to studies and consequently sparks competitive zeal amongst students in various institutions of higher learning. If those in the entertainment world can be celebrated with such avalanches of give-aways in million folds, we can replicate same for Aminat.

It is also my submission that Aminat’s academic performance eminently qualifies her as NOMINEE for national awards of recognition by Edo state, Lagos state and federal government of Nigeria respectively.

l was impressed when  DANCO phoned me early dawn requesting that l contact Aminat Yusuf immediately which l obliged. Thanks to Hon. Gani Akokhia for his role. DANCO was eager to meet Aminat as according to him, “we need to celebrate her prowess for her outstanding academic performance so as to encourage her and up coming ones”.

Giving DANCO’S disposition to education and academic excellence for which Aminat is now being celebrated, it’s better imagined what he would have done for Aminat if he was a sitting governor of Edo State.
DANCO’s quest for excellence is worthy of emulation

To Be Continued Next Week August 28th, 2023

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