Edo 2024: Whom The Cap Fits! A Call For Anamero DANCO’s Candidacy …6th edition

Edo 2024: Whom The Cap Fits! A Call For Anamero DANCO’s Candidacy …6th edition

Monday August 28th, 2023

By Embassy Momodu

Politics is not rocket science. It’s not mathematics. It’s not further maths either. Unlike mathematics, politics comes with its distict and intrinsic patterns, modes of playing it. In the game of politics, certain players have mastered the act and the best professor of political science may not be a successful politician (emphasis mine). This led us to the problematic question- “is politics an art or a science”?

Tracing its evolution from the ancient Greek city states, politics has developed into science as an art. Political science is a distict field of study in universities. Whereas in mathematics, one plus one is equals two, in politics, one plus one may be four and at some other points, it may be one. It depends on the formula applied in arriving at result.

In determining the unknown x whom the cap really fits for Edo 2024, those saddled with the task of selection must exhaust every techniques in selecting popular candidate without credibility deficit.

The parameters to adopt ranges from intrinsic strength of the would-be candidate; loyalty to the party; contributions to the wellbeing of the party; popularity and acceptability; chances of winning own senatorial zone by the candidate amongst others.

We must make the right choices. Take right decisions. The recent general elections across Nigeria demystified certain already well established order where candidates won and lost elections due to wrong choices made by party stakeholders. Popular candidates defeated their incumbent opponents not minding under which party they contested.

In Edo state, similar instances abounds. We watched in awe how unpopular candidates who were foisted on the electorates lost elections to more vibrant, popular and acceptable candidates. If any lesson was learnt at all from the 2023 experience, it should be that our party, the All Progressives Congress APC would correct it starting with selecting sellable gubernatorial and running mates candidates.

With the Benis almost completing their eight years tenure at Osadebe Government house under Governor Goodwin OBASEKl, it’s safe to declare that power will shift to Edo north in all fairness and equity. This is the proper and ideal thing to do for a more inclusive, robust and peaceful coexistence amongst the three senatorial zones in the state. It is noteworthy that out of the 32 years of our statehood (Edo state), the Benis have ruled much longer years than the Esan land and the Afemai combined.

The combination of DANCO, Oshiomhole and other big wings in Edo north have helped the party in retaining the status of heartbeat of APC.

In its resolve to drum support for the governorship aspiration of Anamero Dekeri, a pressure group known as DANCO Movement 2024 has already surfaced in the public space with the aim of mobilizing for Anamero DANCO. While DANCO still vascilate in taking bold decision to openly declare interest, his foot soldiers have relentlessly continued lobbying him to throw his hat into the ring to run for governor.

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