Edo 2024: Rt. Hon Dennis Idahosa Is Committed to the APC’s Core Values



Dennis Idahosa is the epitome of a candidate who embodies the core values of the All Progressive Congress (APC). In his political career, he has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the party’s principles and ideals. One of the core values of the APC is the promotion of good governance and accountability. Dennis Idahosa has shown time and again that he takes these values seriously. As a member of the House of Representatives, he has been a vocal advocate for transparency and accountability in government operations. He has also actively participated in legislative actions aimed at curbing corruption and ensuring the responsible use of public resources. Another fundamental value embraced by the APC is the promotion of inclusive governance and grassroots participation. Dennis Idahosa has continuously engaged with the people in his constituency, listening to their concerns and advocating for their needs.

He has taken proactive measures to ensure that the voices of the people are heard and represented in decision-making processes. His commitment to inclusivity has earned him the trust and support of a wide range of stakeholders within the party and the community. Furthermore, Dennis Idahosa embodies the party’s commitment to national unity and development. He has consistently advocated for policies and initiatives that promote the welfare of all Nigerians, regardless of their ethnic or religious backgrounds. His focus on equitable distribution of resources and opportunities has earned m recognition as a unifying force within the APC.

In conclusion, Dennis Idahosa is the perfect choice for the APC in the upcoming Edo 2024 elections due to his unwavering commitment to the party’s core values. His dedication to good governance, accountability, inclusivity, and national unity make him a candidate who can effectively represent the interests of the people and contribute to the progress and development of Edo State.

Comr Idodo Abdulrasak Emmanuel Ikpemoghena Ekwotsor

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