EDO 2024: “Beyond The Face Value Lies The Electoral Worth Of Aspirants” Think About Dennis Idahosa —Comrade Haruna Braimoh


In Finance, face value refers to the nominal value that’s attached in quantifying a stock!!

But for the Purpose of this write up, we would marrow the issues and relate it with the Edo state 2024 election that’s fast approaching and using same premise to do a more Political dissection of the arrays of Political aspirants in the APC and their real electoral worths to the APC in Edo state cum the effects of such in the forthcoming election.

Apart from the “Nuisance Value” Of some aspirants as far as the Edo 2024 is concerned, they actually bring nothing to the electoral table as “worthwhile” To effectively drive the APC winning chances for the Edo 2024!! Lets all seat back and question ourselves Politically with the realism of winning election in Edo state trajectories!! We have had some of the old Party men aspirants today in our Yesterday ballots, from 2012, 2016 & 2020 and the outcome of such Political outings are there in references for all to go review.

Now let’s take it to some aspirants contesting today under APC, the question remains, “Do these aspirants got what it takes to deliver a governorship election in Edo state”? Some of these aspirants couldn’t win their wards for the Tinubu Presidency in the February 2023 general elections.

Again lies another sets that’s never held any elective Position before beyond being Appointed into Political offices, they have never been tested in the forays of genuine and true Political performance review in the elections field!!

Edo 2024 is for the APC to win or loss depending on our collective unity of Purpose, commitment to the Political substance of Our candidate using the “REAL POLITICAL WORTH” of aspirants as one of the benchmark or yardsticks to measure their Political delivery for the APC in the real election.

The Edo state APC can’t afford for whatever Primordial reasons to Gamble the candidacy into the hands of our known hitherto “Political liabilities” State old leaders or into the hands of the some electoral political “Rookies” Who feels winning state’s election is about money induced media Propaganda.

The Most viable Winning strategy for the Edo 2024 remains and is Personified in Hon Dennis Idahosa.

Let’s challenge all the aspirants across the divide in our Party today to bring out their respective electoral deliveries in votes for the APC since 2019 from their Polling units to their wards and LGAs!! Even some that were candidate in the last state Governorship elections couldn’t not win and deliver their LGAs.

It’s time for us all the seat back and think of the most viable winning strategy for the Edo 2024 elections beyond the inordinate ambition of many!! Governorship elections is more than the media frenzy of sort, it’s about grassroots Politicking, engagement, commitment and capacity to deliver the votes when the chips are down. The only aspirants with the tenacity in records of performance, electoral deliveries “back to back” Across the Federal Constituency and House of assembly and with Acceptable penetrative abilities is Hon Dennis Idahosa.

Let get back on our conscience with the real Political questions of “Beyond the Political face value, Do we have truly a Political Real worth” In most of this aspirants capable of becoming a winning strategy for the Edo 2024?

Then Let’s settle with the Obvious, tested, trusted and committed answer in the man “HON DENNIS IDAHOSA”


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