Edo 2023: Your Participation In Politics Is A Divine Calling —Edo North APC Group Rally Round Dennis Idahosa 


EDO —Dennis Idahosa, as the sun swallows the darkness during the day and the moon brightens the night time, so shall your private and political life continue to radiate as you set out to bring succour again to the plight of the downtrodden in our society.


Idahosa is passionate about the well-being of our people edolites, solving interesting technical challenges, a humanitarian and philanthropist touching lives and making a difference.

His quality leadership and soft skill has earned him a place in the hearts of both the young and old in edolites and beyond.


He is a team builder with great public relations. He is a leader with proven positive track records. Support him him to tell a better and different story in a better way. Dennis Idahosa is a man of great vision, upon his mandate shall we stand come 2024.



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