Edo 2023: Oshiobaba can do better

Politically, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole is already a National leader who also has all the pedigree to contest as the next President of Nigeria.

Those glamouring for our great Comrade to contest as Edo North Senator are sure not doing that as a way of demeaning his personality but out of great love because they know he will help to strenghten the political virtues of Edo North and can also finally win the Senatorial election if so humbly contested by the masses demand/request.

Infact, the Senate seat seems to be one of the best and choicest platform for most former governors of State for a continuous political relevance and might coupled with the fact that, being in the corridors of power enables you to know all political mappings, contribute your quota and conclusively dictate what happens afterwards.

However, as a people, we can’t also determine if our dear Comrade Adams already has a strong and viable presidential force (aspirant he wants to support or already supporting. Be it as it may, if the candidate wins the presidential seat, there will sure be possibilities of Comrade Adams Aliu Oshomole becoming either the Chief of Staff to President of Secretary to the Federal Government of Nigeria etc.

As this will invariably belt a revolution of a bar election of the Senate seat in Edo North as Comrade moves up the political ladder by my critical permutation from a wide spread grass root consultation.
We are also aware that Comrade is also doing his home work but a bird at hand is worth more than trillions in the bush.

I rise…

Comrade Okhiku Esezobor Heman,Owan West

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