Dennis Idahosa Congratulates Bola Tinubu As Nigeria President

Dennis Idahosa Congratulates Bola Tinubu As Nigeria President

I am greatly honoured to join millions across the globe to congratulate you on taking oath of office as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Your election to this high office has inspired people as and few other events in recent times have done. Amidst all of the human progress made over the last century the world in which we live, remains one of the greatest divisions, conflict, inequality, poverty and injustice. Amongst many around the country a sense of hopelessness had set in as so many problems remain unresolved and seemingly incapable of being resolved. You, President Tinubu have brought a new voice of hope that these problems can be addressed and that we can infact change the narrative and make a headway.

We are in some ways reminded today of the excitement and enthusiasm in our own country at the time of our transition to democracy people.

Your Presidency indeed brings Renewed Hope of new beginnings in the relations between tribes, religions and ethnicity among Nigerians, that the challenges we are facing: economic, environmental hazards and combating poverty or the search for peace, will be addressed with a new spirit of openness and accommodation.

~Hon Dennis Idahosa

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