Comrade Embassy, Tell Your APC Leaders To Place Value On The Electorate Who Voted Them Your Integrity Is At Stake Should They Fail By: ASEMHE ASEMHOKHAI

Comrade Embassy, Tell Your APC Leaders To Place Value On The Electorate Who Voted Them

Your Integrity Is At Stake Should They Fail


Dear Comrade Embassy Momodu, as a close ally to the corridor of power, l am directing this message to you being my personal thoughts as lover and supporter of the All Progressives Congress APC.

My thoughts is born out of the fact that you worked hard as Director of Media & Publicity campaigning for DANCO, Oshiomhole, Tinubu and House of Assembly candidates under APC in Edo State. The outcome was successful. As young man, your integrity is at stake should they fail the electorate.

Permit me to appreciate us all for the massive participation and mobilization during the national and state Assembly elections in the Edo State. As we all know, leaders of a particular political party which has always been a strong opposition could not even mobilize their members to exercise their franchise in favour of their party due to internal issues which have been a teething problem in their party.

At this point, it is pertinent to state clearly that these issues emanated from somewhere with respect to allocation of resources as well as sharing of political offices which the party could not manage effectively. It is believed that such issues are not easy to be resolved in the Nigerian environment because of interests of the actors involved.

However, we all actively participated in mobilizing members of other political parties to cast their votes in favour of our great party and it is very true that not all who participated will have access to decision makers like comrade Embassy Momodu.

In light of the foregoing, I am appealing to my good friend, Embassy Momodu and others who would have access to our elected representatives from national to local level to do everything possible to avoid the pitfalls which affected the opposition parties in the state so they can still gain the trust of the electorates in successive elections. They should understand that four years has begun to count which is just like four months and we have governorship election around the corner. If we (APC) must win that election, all the elected members on the platform of APC must focus on the allocation of values to our society and they shouldn’t betray the electorates.

Conclusively, leaders of the party such as Malik Afegbua, Jarret Tenebe as well as grassroots level should wade into the widely acclaimed public outcry amongst APC members (especially women and the aged) precipitated by the presidential/N’ASS elections and state Assembly elections. These issues are still largely unresolved at various party strata.

We can’t allow our APC members to be swayed towards casting votes for other opposition parties because of high-handedness and negligence of party members leading to unresolved internal issues and complaints.
May APC succeed.

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