Cabal Decieved Senator Francis Alimekhena and make him to forget the founders of the project

If u can’t bear d heat don’t just go close to the kitchen,
Those who occupied public position should be ready to take public complain because you are there because we put u there.
Some of us started working for senator as far back 2014, to the extent that I was part of the security team,  the next car to his private car was that of ours and this lasted  for years that he nickname me ” Roadmos’
I can still remember with pains how we were beaten and injured in Afuze and Sobe both in Owan ,we survive many accident and some person sustain injuries,
Those days ,we were served beans and ice fish just to tell you how it was then ,
The only leaders that were with us then was Amb.Anegbe and Muhammed Rose from Auchi.
Then what went wrong? he forget those of us completely in those years in national assembly and very few cabal took over d system and decided to paint us black.
The only bike I got was d intervention of Hon. Agbukor and it’s parts were not in Nigeria hence I sold it 70k, what a shame .

The only borehole in my Vila stop working after 4 months and all efforts to get it repaired met deaf ear ,no road to my Villa till now whereas a senator is from that ward , FG recently approved it through my efforts and bit will soon be tare by FG through the effort of the minister,
Where were those attacking dogs ,opportunist, and gold diggers?
I have never ask for anything personal rather anything that will improve my Villa or Agenebode .

7 years gone nothing targetable to show non of his projects are alive and still they will want to stop us from complaining, people must talk as far as he remains there.
Comrade Iwennekkhai Cosmos

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