BREAKING: Wike Hosts Rivers APC, says We’ll Vote Tinubu Again in 2027


Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister Nyesom Wike has promised to galvanise support for President Bola Tinubu in the upcoming election, stating that candidates who received 2,000 votes in the 2023 polls would receive almost nothing in the 2027 contest.


The minister made the announcement on Thursday in Abuja while hosting Rivers State leaders of the All Progressives Congress (APC), led by Victor Giadom, the National Vice Chairman for South-South.


In addition, Wike stated that he owed no one an apology and that he had no regrets about backing President Tinubu in the previous general election.


The minister pledged to support the Rivers APC and all Nigerians, saying he would never treat anyone unfairly on the grounds of their political, ethnic, or religious beliefs.


Let me state this clearly for everyone to hear: regardless of the political party to which we may belong, we have an obligation to support the President.


“My identity is not concealed. I have no obligation to apologise for my hard stance on Tinubu. I support justice, equity, and fairness.


Including All “To God’s glory, I give thanks to God that the war is over. The Nigerian state is not owned by any one individual or group, and since we are all members of it, it is crucial that we all comprehend this.


“In a nation such as this, if A seizes the opportunity, B. Inclusivity should have it next. Thus, I promise not to treat anyone unfairly. For Nigerians, I am here. Party members and non-members alike can find me here.


“After emerging, Mr. President is not the APC President. He leads Nigeria as its president. There is no denying that he must protect his political party’s interests even as he governs Nigeria. It’s organic.


Nigerians, however, must gain from improved governance.


Nigerians should be relieved by Tinubu’s Supreme Court triumph, according to Buhari

PDP is disappointed with the Supreme Court’s ruling in the presidential vote. “Your job is secured” in a video When the Supreme Court rules, Tinubu notifies his aides. “Rivers State’s interest is paramount. Our goal should always be to project what will be best for our state. Despite the fact that I am not an APC member, I think that Asiwaju needed assistance.


Why did you support Tinubu?Upon examining all the Southern contenders, I concluded that Asiwaju could not be defeated. He is capable of acting and has the political will to do so.


“Asiwaju employed the majority of you. We are aware of those who were employed by Asiwaju. It wasn’t kept secret. It was obvious.


“I don’t consider myself a politician. To all, I am a politician. Not’me, me, me’. It is never done. Ultimately, you need others to survive, so anyone who acts in that way does not want to live.


But rest assured that we are all collaborating on President Bola Tinubu’s behalf.


Rivers, the next election “I’m confident that in the upcoming election, those who received 2,000 votes won’t receive 50 again because we have no more votes to give to anyone because they supported President Bola Tinubu.”


Giadom had earlier commended Wike for his choice to back the President and pleaded with him to include Rivers APC members in his group.


This is a delegation from the APC representing Rivers State, he declared. We are here to express our gratitude for your tremendous support of our presidential candidate during the previous election and to congratulate you on your appointment.


“We implore you to stay involved and contribute to the administration’s and Nigeria’s success.


“We know that you sincerely cared about justice when you voted for our presidential candidate.


“You are fully capable of carrying out the duties assigned to you by your office, safeguarding Rivers’ interests, and advancing national unity.”

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