Angry Mob On Rampage, Set Detainees Free

Angry Mob On Rampage, Set Detainees Free


The whereabouts of one Moses Oboh who escaped from police custody, when the police station was attacked by hoodlums, is unknown. Information made available to our reporter indicates that Moses was in a relationship with a gay Partner, Wisdom in Uromi, Edo State.

The youth and elders of the community warned Moses to desist from the unholy and abominable relationship. Moses was mistr inflicted with a leg injury, when he continued the same sex relationship.

The situation was worsened when Wisdom visited Moses in the herbal home he was receiving treatment. Information got to the community that Wisdom was still in touch with Moses, the youths and the elders who led them and the police to Moses location. They were over to the police. It was gathered that while Wisdom was by his rich parents, Moses was left in detention because of his poor parentage.

Moses was sentenced to five years’ imprisonment, was in custody, when irate bikers attacked and bombed the detention center, setting free the inmates. Since the escape of Moses Oboh, his whereabouts is unknown.

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