On this special day of Eid El- Maulud, l greet every Muslims across Etsako Federal Constituency. Islam preaches peace and l therefore urge you to use this period to rededicate yourselves to the service of Allah and pray for peaceful coexistence amongst ourselves irrespective of color, religion or political affiliation.

In this sacred moment, l seek your special prayers ahead of the February 2023 elections and beyond so that Almighty Allah grant our desires and ease our affairs in the face of socio-political and economic challenges.

Gratitude knows no bound.
As the privileged Candidate of the All Progressives Congress APC in Etsako Federal constituency, let me reaffirm my loyalty to you once again that if you send me message to Abuja, l will prioritise your welfare and do all that is necessary within my power, my capacity to make life more meaningful to our people.

February 2023 is few months away and campaigns have started already, I appeal to everyone to tolerate one another during this period. The era of do-or-die elections has gone.

Please my people, do not fight one another just because of me or any candidate of your choice because we all need each other to survive.
Vote not fight. Focus on marketing your candidate.

In this instance, if you want a new Etsako, l am the best man for the job given my track records. For education; for empowerment; for infrastructure; for rural development; for innovative representation; for rural security, etc, l know your pains, l have the solution to that pains. Send me message to House of Representatives.

God Bless You All.

APC Candidate For House of Representatives, Etsako Federal Constituency.

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