Alimikhena more of PDP than APC

I took my time to read this write up, one thing you guys should know is that Comrade Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole can’t test defect if he so desire to run for senatorial elections in Edo North.

It is a known facts that Senator Francis Alimikhena is more of pdp then APC who has given him the same opportunity pdp denies him years ago.

The second tenure of Senator Francis Alimikhena is nothing to write home about, on the excuse that he is not a principal officer so he should allow other people to contribute to the development of Edo North than this cheap blackmail.

Senator Francis Alimikhena should be ready to be a kingmaker having been made the Iyasele of Uwanno Kingdom?

Whatever makes you thinks that without Senator Francis Alimikhena APC cannot win elections in Edo North then you have to rethink again.

What tangible projects does Senator Francis Alimikhena has when he won his first and second tenure?

For your information all elections in Edo North are won because of Comrade Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole and the last governorship election is a clear example.

So with OR without Senator Francis Alimikhena APC is grounded in Edo North

Concern Edolite?

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