Adetutu Owolabi: The Noble Woman Who Saw Tomorrow



In the world of politics, loyalty is a virtue that is often tested, and those who remain steadfast in their commitment to their parties are few and far between. It is a rare sight to witness a politician who remains steadfastly committed to their party, regardless of the challenges and temptations that come their way.

Lady Dr. Adetutu Owolabi is one such individual who epitomizes unwavering loyalty. Her unwavering devotion to her party, APC, has spanned over the years, with Adetutu proving herself time and again as a true political stalwart. Standing the rest of time, it is now well grounded into everyone’s consciousness that Adetutu’s unwavering loyalty is not only commendable but also a testament to her character and foresight.

It’s time for APC as a party to reward a great soul and amazing personality like Lady Dr. Adetutu Owolabi come 2024.

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