2024: Why Dennis Idahosa Should Be The Next Governor Of Edo State



In every nooks and crannies in Edo South can attest to the facts that, Dennis Idahosa popularly known as Denco will make Edo State great again. He has been tested and trusted, capable and experienced who will represent Edo State to a good standstill without the loss of anybody.


The Rep Member Representing, Ovia Federal Constituency, National Assembly, Abuja to serve his people is a grassroot politician and mobilizer in the whole of Edo South.


The man who is up and the man who is down are all affected by what is happening in the Edo State but Dennis Idahosa will make a difference. There is a lot that have happened in the political world if you should take a walk down the memory lane.


We have discovered a man who is ready to sacrifice all he has for his fatherland…the least sacrifice we can make is to let the whole state see the Leadership we have seen, feel the compassion we have felt; and move the maker of modern Edo Idahosa (Denco) to the moulder of a greater Edo State.


He has proven himself beyond reasonable doubts, he is loved by many, the whole Edo South are solidly behind him. He remains the only candidate who have delivered APC all throughout the 2023 general elections from Presidency down to House of Assembly election. The atmosphere is always electrifying with enthusiastic APC Chieftains and members because of Denco.


Idahosa is a nation builder whose contributions to Edo South building have benefited most Edolites. We are calling on him to step out as a young vibrant youth, loved to redeem the good people of Edo State come 2024.

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