2023: Why Etsako Patriotic Quest Wants Eshieshi For Etsako House of Rep

Why Etsako Patriotic Quest Wants Eshieshi For Etsako House of Rep

With the rising clamour for Godwin Eshieshi to throw his hat in the ring for the 2023 Etsako House of Representative; some public commentators and analysts have started crawling out of the woods to cast aspersions on the legitimate desires of a large number of Etsakos for Eshieshi to run for the office of Rep of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in the coming elections.

We, the supporters of Eshieshi are equal stakeholders in the Nigerian enterprise; therefore, nobody has the right to denigrate our democratic privilege to support any person or candidate of our choice. Especially, as Godwin Eshieshi, by all standards, is very qualified for this position.

Never in the history of Etsako East Local Government Area who took on frontally the various challenges of the Etsako economy: cutting across agriculture, industries, forex management, monetary policies, etcetera.

In the area of boosting food security, we witnessed well thought out policies aimed at increasing access to funding by the generality of our farmers, who hitherto were locked out from the major financial institutions in the time past.

We want him to come and rescue Etsako Federal constituency from bad representatives.

Etsako APC Media Team


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