2023: Revamping Our Health Sector, Adetutu For Akoko-Edo HoR


Health they say is wealth and even the God who created us knew we will fall sick at some point and made provision for us through herbs and medical treatments but do we have the best in health care?

We will revamp our health sector by:
Sponsorship of pro-health bills with special priorities for the aged, women and children.
1. Making our Primary health institutions accessible and functional
2. We will equip the Primary Health Institutions with necessary equipment and personnel
3. We will work with the secondary referral centers to be sure they are equipped with necessary machines and personnel to reduce out outflux to the tertiary institutions except on mandatory cases.
4. We will hold a periodic FREE MEDICAL OUTREACH across our constituency to make everyone access free medical check ups and treatment.

Our people will be healthy
Our people will be wealthy

Hon. Adetutu Owolabi for House of Representatives in Akoko-Edo Federal constituency.

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