2023: No More Politics Of Bitterness, Adetutu Owolabi Speaks On A New Paradigm Shift In Governance


As the race to the 2023 general elections gathers momentum, politicians have been making frantic moves and whipping up sentiments, pitching camps against camps and zones against zones in futile attempts to woo party delegates and electorates to themselves, this has caused so much booze in the polity thereby making everything look like a war zone where all is fair.

Hon. Dr. Adetutu Owolabi, Akoko-Edo Federal Constituency House of Representatives, a leading aspirant under the platform of the All Progressive Congress APC has always maintained a different stand, to her, politics is all about the people, it is about representing their interests and aspirations, it is about quality service delivery to the people and not a means for personal aggrandizement and needless profligacy and if this is the firm belief of others who seek public offices, then the fuse and the need to make it a war zone becomes needless.

While others preach hate, anarchy, fire and brimstone, the noble woman Lady Adetutu preaches politics of togetherness, politics of inclusion, politics that puts the people first and recognizes that we all are equal partners in the project to making Akoko-Edo an enviable Local Government.

Without any equivocation, we all will agree that a peaceful and conducive environment has the propensity to attract development and self-sustaining social services, this is the Akoko-Edo of our dreams and Dr. Adetutu is the man whom the cap fits.

While we appreciate the all round support and warm reception that Adetutu Owolabi’s aspiration continues to receive, we enjoin the entire Akoko-Edo constituents to remain focused and resolute in their choice, the rebirth of Akoko-Edo has come and it begins with Adetutu Owolabi.

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