2023 HoR: Eshieshi The Trouble-shooter Specialist

2023 HoR: Eshieshi The Trouble-shooter Specialist

In this critical and sensitive time Etsako Federal constituency needs a vibrant and outspoken leader who is conversant with the numerous political, economy, religion and traditional problems in our land with intelligent mind for solving them.

Eshieshi is that leader who had done excellently well in solving various problems challenging human race times without number.

This same humble man is loaded with programs to be discharged which would aid to ameliorate the problems and sufferings of Etsako sons and daughters who are bonifide indigenes either by birth, marriage or naturalization. And he will create an avenue for job seekers to secure federal, State, Local job without any external influence.

Establishment of production industries in Etsako for the processing of Agricultural produces to ensure surplus food in Etsako.

Annual inter-schools quiz competitions across Etsako Federal constituency to select best students of the year and sponsor them abroad for further studies by the government.

Organization of annual talent show programs across Etsako constituency to strengthen our unity and then give federal support to those that will emerge winners and establish them as stars. All these and many more are what Hon. Godwin Eshieshi is set to do for the teeming population of Etsako people if elected to Federal House of Representatives come 2023.

He is a man of his words. He is naturally humble, not self-centered nor greedy. He will ensure fairness, gender equality and respect for one another’s opinions and beliefs is brought to stay.

Eshieshi is equal to the task ahead. Tell the youths, men, woman and everyone that he is the right man for the job. The Oracle speedy growth and community development. He is the apple eyes of the masses.

Straight to Federal House of Representatives (Abuja Direct)

Etsako APC Media team

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