2023: Hon Owolabi’s Bid To Rescue ‘Akoko-Edo’ Federal Constituency


For the adorable folks of Akoko-Edo Federal Constituency of Edo State, there could hardly be excitement and propitiousness that tangible dividends of democracy beckon as Adetutu Owolabi, a selfless and proficient woman of great promises, is out to significantly give back to the people. Emphatically, it is a great-thing-to-certainly-come as she gets set to run for the seat of Akoko-Edo federal constituency in the forthcoming 2023 election on the platform of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

She hails from the Ikiran-Ile, Ibillo community, Akoko-Edo Local Government Area (LGA) of Edo State, Lady Adetutu Owolabi, as she is fondly called, a medical practitioner, is a public-spirited Business Management expert, Economist and Humanitarian worker, who has, in no little measures, stamped her authority in these and several other fields.

Enthusiastically, Adetutu, who has a flair in project planning and financing, distributive development operations, renewable energy transition, ICT and charity work, etc., is an integral part of the winning team of experts, going by her unique schedules in the supervisory federal ministry.

Adetutu Owolabi’s affable love for her immediate community,tribe and the overall Edo ethnic nationality are obvious from her personal disposition. She speaks her dialect so fluently as if she was brought up therein. But, most children of her generation, who were brought up outside of her birthplace, even some of those raised from within, are entirely or slightly oblivious of the language and culture.

“There is hardly nothing more exciting than visiting home frequently and relating with one’s people. To free my Akoko-Edo people from the shackles of poverty and ignorance are some reasons that informed my desire to go to the House of Representatives, Abuja, to represent my people. We must give back to our society and the people. We must make life much better than we met it.”

Adetutu Owolabi, the energetic and magnanimous woman, looks beyond the usual public complaints of the non-performance of the House of Reps members and their lack of touch with the constituents, as their duty posts are mainly in far-flung Abuja.

“As I am very used to going home and meeting my people, my election would only increase my frequency of visits. Frankly speaking, the primary business of federal lawmakers is to legislate for their people and Nigerians.

But, I could see that most lawmakers hardly deploy their constituency development funds for the benefit of their constituents. An elected Adetutu Owolabi would see to the judicious use of the constituency funds for the people.She added:

“I have seen that the lack of potable pipe-borne water and water scarcity is the bane of my constituency. Water projects at the Local Government Areas should be brought back to serve my people in Edo North Senatorial Zone.”

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