2023 Etsako Constituency: Eshieshi Remains Masterclass HoR



It is neither hype nor political statement or the figment of imagination of anybody to say that the former Chairman of Etsako East Local Government Hon. Godwin Eshieshi gathered points in politics, public and private corporations and became Jewel in the crown of political leadership.

Though, that was not just achieved on a platter of gold, rather through hardwork and dedication, coupled with higher deposit of brain power. Aside politics, he is equally exceptional in both academic and management sector.

To tip the wink at the activities of political grandee of Etsako politics aside, his attitude to change people’s lives to good in both public and private sectors was among the major keystones that made it possible for him always pulling with brigades of massive followership even before his tenure elapsed.

Despite the fact that democracy then was ill-conceived, or more correctly in awry, yet Hon Eshieshi and his teeming supporters surged from all angles in the Local Government and beaver away at political campaigns and played tour de-force role and ensured progress is still in order in whichever party he loves and ensure candidates are always elected

These feasible quantum leap of fabulous leadership and dynamism exhibited by Hon Eshieshi made it possible for him to build a networking empire of henchmen within and outside Etsako East, Edo State and Nigeria at large. His patriotism and altruism gestures towards his people could be the major forces of demagoguery that virtually pulled down the psyches of his people to persuade the political lion in his den.

Hon Eshieshi is an apogee leader whom his componentizes posture, couple with love for humanity, spurring gesture are the major catalyst why his people tagging him as Garrison Commander of Etsako politics and the same time putting him on top of pile of other politicians within his party APC in the constituency.

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