2023: Eshieshi Call For Improved Leadership In Etsako

2023: Eshieshi Call For Improved Leadership In Etsako

Ahead of 2023 general elections, Edo-born advocate and philanthropist, Hon Godwin Eshieshi has called on the people of Etsako, Edo State and Nigerians to work towards an improved leadership across tiers of government in the three (3) by putting the right candidates in the various elective positions.

Eshieshi made the call on Thursday April 7th, 2022 while addressing the press towards his political consultation ahead of primaries and general elections.

Eshieshi pointed out the common suffering of people across the country and the desire for improve leadership “our story is not different from the story of every other districts or states in the country. Everyone is suffering, whether it is deteriorated electricity, unemployment, high cost of diesel and petrol, it’s the same story everywhere. But there’s one thing that is happening across the country – an earnest desire to improve leadership. Whether to the west, to the south, everyone is trying to do something different. Because they have realized the importance of sending forth the very best representation in all the tiers of government. Because at the end of the day, no matter how knowledgeable and intelligent your children are, they are still being governed by those in government”

Eshieshi urged the people to go out massively and take advantage of the INEC Continuous Voters Registration to obtain their voters card and put in the right candidates and leaders that would help transform the economy of Etsako and the various local communities. “INEC will soon open portal for the continuous voters registration, make sure you come out and register. Do not sell your votes. No amount of intimidation, violence or money should shake you or make you deterred from your dreams. I am willing and putting myself forward to represent you so we can build our communities, Etsako, Edo State and Nigeria together because we can’t continue this way.”

The supposed richest local government in Nigeria is now among the poorest. You suffer not because of the choice you made for yourselves but because of the choice the selfish leaders made for you. But I am not going to speak for anymore because I have realized that no amount of words as an individual would change things until we have the legal authority to effect the change. The more we speak the more we endanger our lives and nothing will happen.”

It’s time for us to change the narrative, let us come together and unite as family then, we will be stronger together.

Etsako APC media team

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