2023 Edo-North: We Endorsed Oshiomhole Because We Are Not ‘Obioma’ Or ‘Okada Riders’ . APC Tells Alimekhena

2023 Edo-North: We Endorsed Oshiomhole Because We Are Not ‘Obioma’ Or ‘Okada Riders’ . APC Tells Alimekhena

Edo-North is standing with Oshiomhole not because we need motor bikes, not because we want Keke-Napep , not because we want sewing machine from you, not because we need grinding machines (local blender) from you.

Edo-North People want a vocal and articulate representation, Jobs for Our youths who are graduate, our road tiled and working boreholes, functioning maternities and stomach infrastructure .

And to Adams Oshiomole we are standing with you because you deserve Our Vote and now it’s time to reward you for servant-hood.

We Are supporting you because you brought Afemai land out of marginalization of the Esan goddess and you made the Elephant to feed according to her labour.
Oshiobaba you are a proud son of Edo North, Edo State and Nigeria in general irrespective of your critic’s, and betrayals by some Judas in midst of the disciples in Afemai Nation.

Edo-North will vote you because of you are accommodation and hospitality towards humanity irrespective of tribe, earthnicity or languages.

You never chased any one out of your compound because they made employment request or financial support not to even talk of common signature on a paper. We will vote you because we trust you that you will dust and brings many Edolite’s from political nohow to limelight.

As Afemai people we are supporting you , even as those you made are attempting to drag you down. Comrade Adams Oshiomole you are still waxing stronger, and we know that you forgive easily, we know you will look for how to bring them to yourself without keeping them as perceived enemies.

We will vote for you because when you get to the Senate even as a member of the lowest committee u will perform marvellously to the admiration and joy of all Nigerians.

Long Live Edo-North APC .

Oshiomhole we know ! Oshiomhole we trust !! Oshiomhole we vote.

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