2023 And The Imperative Of Women’s Inclusion: Gender inclusion is a concept that transcends mere equality.

2023 And The Imperative Of Women’s Inclusion:

Gender inclusion is a concept that transcends mere equality.

Current statistics has it that we have a paltry 11.2 per cent of female membership in both chambers of the Ninth National Assembly (seven females in the Senate and eleven in the House of Representatives). This, in my opinion, is very poor in juxtaposing these with the 479 members of the federal parliament, because the participation of women in governance leads to higher responsiveness to the yearnings of citizens.

In Edo State, female membership in the current Assembly is at ZERO per cent, there is not record since the Era of Mrs Ativie who fought her way to Edo State House Of Assembly amidst 23 male representatives.

If this generation continues same way, our daughters will not find it easy in endeavors dominated by their male counterparts even if they are more qualified all because they’re female.

As the 2023 EDHA elections approach, we must therefore address the sizable gender gaps that undermine women’s inclusion in governance.

The necessity of women’s participation in politics and governance is undeniable. Studies all over the world have shown that there is no instrument more effective in promoting good governance than the adequate empowerment of women. No other policy has the potential to reduce the rate of child and maternal mortality, which is a major cause of death amongst women in Nigeria and a bane in our society, than the conscious inclusiveness of women. Statistics show that Nigeria has a maternal mortality rate of 576 per cent.

Today, we have Pharm Kenny Okojie contesting to represent Esan North East Constituency 2 in Edo State House Of Assembly.

I made a post about constituency 2 just 2 weeks ago requesting for the candidates contesting for same position, i got details of the Labour Party Candidates who are in court fighting legally and also fighting publicly, my research shows it’s a case of oppressing the original candidate who officially bought the form, the first Judgement came in Favour of Mr. Philip from Uzea, the case have escalated to the Appeal court and as we speak, no one is sure where they are but by the last court judgement, Mr. Philip is the original Candidate.

With the level of this crisis, there is no way i will support candidates who are fighting this tough as the confusion is still depending on the grace of whatever @ 2 minutes to election.

Because i know Pharm Kenny Okojie would help make laws that would help balance policies that would be beneficial to Edo at large, and her representation would also help Increase the number of women in public decision-making that will also act as an incentive for policy makers to respond to women’s and children’s interests, i have decided that i will support and encourage us to VOTE Pharm Kenny Okojie.

As a traditional man, i am aware that once a woman is married, she’s automatically a bonafide Citizen of her husband place or Village, this is why her surname is no longer that of her original parents, God made it so, Are we WISER THAN GOD?

Having more women in our nation’s governance process and political landscape will tremendously boost our socio-economic development and i know by God Grace, Mrs Kenny Okojie will give constituency 2 A sound and Quality dividends of Democracy, she’s well educated and very exposed.

Please Vote Pharm Kenny as member to represent constituency 2 in Edo State House Of Assembly.


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