2023: Adetutu’s Declaration To Run For Akoko-Edo HoR


In her declaration, Lady Adetutu Owolabi stressed that, she is coming to represent the good people of Akoko-Edo Federal constituency in the green chamber comes 2023.

“She shows his high regard for the leaders of Akoko-Edo in general and the offices they holds. Be that as it may, it is now very clear to all Akoko-Edos that the noble and generous woman is on her way to Akoko-Edo Federal constituency (Abuja Direct), she noted.

Continue speaking, Adetutu said, she won’t abandoned all her promises made during the declaration, despite many can attest that she’s a giver. She will represent the people first for repositioning.

She added that, she has responded to the clarion calls that various groups and associations clamouring for her to throw her hat to the ring and she has done just that.

And she is not in doubt the quality, experience and capacity she will take the constituency to the next level.

“When we talk about the 2023 election, we will want to look at issues surrounding it. Such issues as revamping the economy, provision of good healthcare, housing and quality education and general welfare of the people, Adetutu, from her pedigree is more than able to do all these”. She said.

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