2023: Adetutu Speaks On Education, Reposition And Restoration Of Hope To Akoko-Edo If Elected HoR


A veteran aspirant under the platform of the All Progressive Congress (APC) Lady Adetutu Owolabi, Akoko-Edo Federal constituency House of Representatives hopeful speak on restoration of hope to Akoko-Edo.

According to her, research have shown that, educated society enhances citizens participation in modern politics and societal growth and development.

She said, an enlightened citizens’ involvement in politics is a panacea for societal growth and development. Citizens does not just involved in politics but also participate and direct government policies and actions.

Continue speaking, she added that, a docile citizen is an antidote for social economic advancement whilst a progressive society is a reflection of citizens level of participation and involvement.

Citizens must be eager for information so they can make meaningful and informed decision in the development of the State, they must have ability to process information and make sound judgement for the benefit of the society which can be achieved from sound Education.

They must shape governmental policies through constructive criticism and make contribution to the affairs of their immediate communities and society.

Factors that shape sound citizens participation could include education, information, training, enlightenment, and other social economic factors.

Therefore, Government must direct their policies to enhance citizens capacity to contribute meaningfully to the advancement of societal good. It is inalienable right of citizens to shape and direct direction of government policies and implementation.

This is why education and enlightenment must be vigorously pursued as a policy direction of any good government, she added.

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