2023: Adetutu Remains The Candidate To Beat In Akoko-Edo HoR – Markson MMK


“He who stands for truth, justice, fairness and sound moral conscience has majority of the people on his side, but he who stands for selfishness, moral decadence, fat pockets, personal gains and aggrandisement in political judgement runs without direction.” MARKSON

It’s only those who have sold their consciences to the unknown or those who have planted their hearts on igneous rocks that see nothing wrong with mandate renewal, especially when it has to do with fourth term in a society or a setting that is blessed with highly qualified and more educated citizens, who can perform better than the seeker(s) of mandate renewal.

Mandate renewal should not be something to campaign or canvass for, if indeed the seekers of such have previously in their first, second and third terms performed as expected by different towns, villages and communities in the local government.

In the first and second tenures, you failed as a Representative; meaning you were unable to provide the desired dividends of democracy across the length and breadth of your constituency. Yet, in the magnanimity of the people, you were sent forth the third time; you failed beyond repair! So, what has given you the impetus and temerity to think of 4TH TERM or MANDATE RENEWAL? Your all round abysmally failures in infrastructural development, balanced and all round empowerments? What?

Mandate renewal is meant for those who have performed creditably well, even at that, seeking for 4TH TERM, though in a democratic society spells aberration and a show of SELF and personal aggrandisement.

Democracy stands on the altar of equitable representation, justice, equity and fairness to all. If indeed, sound human and godly senses rain in us, seeking for mandate renewal should spell shame on the seekers, especially in the face of non- performance for more than a decade!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the time to give the mandate of the AKOKO EDO FEDERAL CONSTITUENCY to someone, who can do better in all senses. And the most qualified with sound human conscience is HON. ADETUTU OWOLABI.

HON. DR. ADETUTU OWOLABI no doubt has got all the supports of the good people of Akoko Edo Federal Constituency; hence, this has caused them to be running helter skelter, looking for the non available mandate, not to talk about its renewal. He who had done well previously won’t be running helter skelter for mandate renewal.

The politics of today is different from what we had in the last eight to five years. People have learnt from their political miscalculation. So, you can’t deceive anyone with mere political charades, gimmick and gibberish political rhetorics any longer!

NOMINATE and VOTE HON. ADETUTU OWOLABI to represent Akoko Edo Federal Constituency at the National Assembly come 2023.

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