2023: Adetutu Owolabi For Akoko-Edo HoR Federal Constituency


The Noble Woman Called Hon. Dr. Adetutu Owolabi

She is youthful:
Young, Unflinching agile, healthy, trendy, upwardly mobile and tech savvy. Adetutu is a generational shift in leadership that is desideratum personified not superfluous.

She is articulate:
Eloquent, witty, sound mind and uncommonly sponteneous. She always intersects mind and brains before words are formed. That is what stands her out as one with a strong VOICE

She is energetic:
Positively forceful; she is a formidable force A determined and a focused mind. Not easily distracted; she has a rare kind of passion and drive. Her constructive and pragmatic energy is awesome, her deligent, smartness and intelligence in dealings.

She is dynamic:
Flexible but never has she compromised values and principles she’s a brain box in creativity; full of ideas and very intuitive

She is Loyal:
A party loyal man to the core progressive Family, competent and A sellable material who has ethos of Representation nd governance.

as the popular saying goes “A white foul show her self to a native doctor” Adetutu has been singlehandedly picked for Akoko-Edo House of Representatives Federal constituency because she has distinguished herself to the Leaders by displaying her trustworthy, humanitarianism and competency by Empowering Youths, Women, Old and Young, during the September 19th 2020 APC guber election, she was extraordinary.

The time to uplift Akoko-Edo Constituency and raise the bar in leadership standard from better to Best is Now. Adetutu Owolabi is the new standard. the Game changer, the vigorous Leader.

Nominate and Vote Adetutu Owolabi as Akoko-Edo House of Representatives, Federal constituency comes 2023.

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