Dennis Idahosa Stands A Better Chance To Win The 2024 Edo Governorship Election


Dennis Idahosa’s pro-democracy credentials even while in office and his performance as the current House of Representatives Member-Elect of Ovia Federal Constituency in Edo South clearly stand him out.

Dennis Idahosa as a detribalised, self-confident, liberal and independent minded; with a nationalistic flair will change the narrative in Edo State, no doubt about that.

He is a man of capacity, credibility and competency, and this attribute makes him stand out from anybody that will be vying for the Edo State Governorship election come 2024. All that is needed is to get even more Edolites to see the need to elect a proven achiever, Idahosa have

Dennis Idahosa is tested and trusted and if he emerged he would revolutionise the fortunes of the State.

Concerned Edolites APC youths worldwide….

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